An Epic Change for Smarter, More Efficient Health Care

Introducing a new electronic medical records system for improved patient care

On June 1, the Ottawa Heart Institute will make the necessary switch to Epic Systems, a fully-integrated, patient-centered, electronic medical records (EMR) management tool which will help us provide smarter, more efficient, and all around better healthcare for you and your family.

The Epic system supports all aspects of patient care at the Heart Institute: from enhanced registration, scheduling, and clinical systems for our care providers, to improved systems for lab technicians, pharmacists and radiologists, to finer billing systems for care providers and insurers. This translates to a better experience of care for all.

Over the last few months our staff has received intensive training on the Epic system. We are confident the changes we’ve instituted here at the UOHI have been made with our patients at heart. While we are transitioning to the new system, you may notice some delays. We are adding extra staff to accommodate this transition to ensure we continue to provide the best care possible. We’re also working with six regional healthcare partners in the area – the Atlas Alliance – so we can provide seamless, cohesive care for patients across the region.

Epic is a global leader in the development of software for healthcare organizations like ours. This world-class EMR system allows our patients to benefit from a completely digital medical record, which follows them everywhere they go across their continuum of care. Healthcare providers will now have access to only the most up-to-date information about the patients in their care, helping them make more informed decisions using the most comprehensive patient data available.

Welcome to the next era of cardiac care. Welcome to Epic.


The UOHI Patient Alumni Association is here to assist the UOHI in its implementation of EPIC. As a patient, family member and or caregiver If you have questions or concerns, please write us at