Healthy Eating

What’s for Lunch?

Whether you’re thinking about school lunches, trying to plan ahead for the workweek or simply trying to maintain a healthy pattern of eating, lunch is an important meal that helps fuel your body throughout the day. The UOHI Top 10 Tips for Healthy Eating and the Eating Healthy section on the Prevention & Wellness Centre website are great reference tools and provide many suggestions…

Posted on September 15, 2020

Some Refreshing Drink Recipes to Keep your Cool

It’s summertime, which means plenty of hot days and some heat waves. Fluids play many important roles in our body and help to keep us healthy and hydrated.  It’s important to drink enough fluids on hot and humid days, no matter what you’re doing. Hydration is key to keeping your body functioning well and drinking water is the best source.  Remember that not all…

Posted on July 27, 2020

Fact or Fad? Debunking Diet Trends

With so many different diet trends out there these days, it can be hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. The Heart Institute’s Registered Dietitian, Kathleen Turner, debunks some of these fads and shares her expertise on what makes a healthy diet.

Posted on January 24, 2020

Take charge of your health with Epic MyChart!

Epic MyChart is a secure, online patient portal that gives you free access to your health information from anywhere, at any time. Help is available, including information sessions coming in January.

Posted on December 12, 2019