The Patient Alumni Association and the new Cardiac Prehabilitation program have recently been recognized as leading practice organizations by the Health Standards Organization.

On the left photo: Jean Bilodeau, President of the Patient Alumni, receives a plaque from Heather Sherrard, Executive Vice President, Clinical Operations and Chief Nursing Officer. On the right photo: Jane Brownrigg, Clinical Manager of Cardiac Rehabilitation, receives a plaque from Heather Sherrard.

The Ottawa Heart Institute Patient Alumni Association was started in 1985 by Mary Clinckett, the former Head of Physiotherapy at the Heart Institute. She recognized a need to enable patients to stay involved with the Institute, to be kept informed about heart disease, treatment and prevention, and to give them an opportunity to contribute to the work and evolution of the Heart Institute. Since then, more than 8,000 former patients and their families have maintained an association with the Heart Institute through the Alumni Association.

The Cardiac Prehabilitation program was developed at the Heart Institute in December 2016. It was created in response to patient challenges which may potentially cause the postponement of surgery. Identification and treatment of these issues may preempt surgery cancellation and postponement. Patients awaiting elective coronary bypass or valvular surgery, who participate in a Prehabilitation program, are expected to have improved clinical outcomes, pre and post-surgery quality of life and ability to self-manage.

Congratulations to both awardees!

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