Enhancing your patient experience: What’s Next?

Welcome to the Heart Institute. The new Central Registration Desk will be located conveniently in the bright and spacious new main lobby which means One Stop for patients when they arrive.

Renovations to the original Heart Institute building will see multiple levels undergoing significant change. The installation of escalators will make a big difference for both patients and their families when they visit Heart Institute programs, clinics and Central Imaging.

The Heart Institute performs over 56,069 diagnostic exams per year. The acquisition of highly specialized tools such as the new generation CT scanners and the cardiac MRI, and their new home in the renovated imaging suites, will expand imaging capabilities and innovative research.

Installation of specialized equipment in the Hybrid Operating Room will provide one setting for a multidisciplinary team of interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and electrophysiologists to work side by side, combining their expertise while treating increasingly complex cases.

Completing the purchase of the da Vinci® Surgical Robot, will allow the Heart Institute surgeons to perform less invasive procedures with faster recovery time for bypass and mitral valve surgical patients.

What’s Next