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The University of Ottawa Heart Institute Patient Alumni Board (PA) works in partnership with the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) to support patients by promoting heart health and best practices in patient care, research and education.

Central to the Alumni’s mandate is its role as voice of the patient, a mutual support community of patients, family members, caregivers, and others with an interest in the UOHI. Members can share experiences, offer support, and obtain information regarding heart health, research, education, and other services. The Alumni provides strategic support to the mandate, goals and activities of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and its Foundation.

The Alumni is an independent charitable organization incorporated under the Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, with Bylaws and a Board of Directors to guide its activities. Membership is open to all UOHI patients, former patients, and their relatives and friends. The Alumni has about 20,000 members and continues to grow rapidly, as UOHI patients are automatically eligible to become member’s free-of-charge.

Role of the PA Board of Directors

The PA is a body of electedmembers who jointly oversee the activities of the Patient Alumni.

This board is an operational board.

Typical duties of

  • Assist in the governing of the PA by contributing to the board’s policies, objectives and activities;
  • Participate actively in fulfilling the PA’s mission, values, plans and actions and participate in the review of the board’s performance in achieving its goals, through participation on UOHI Committees and helping to organize and participate in events;
  • Participate in the assessment of a changing environment in which the PA functions and responds to relevant changes through revising and approving strategies and actions;
  • Participate in the reviews and approvals of the PA plans and projects for funding requests from the UOHI;
  • Provides candid and constructive criticism, advice and comments to the President and other members of the PA; 

Some of the qualifications we are looking for in a PA Board director


Individuals who are asked to serve on the PA should have several years of management experience. Candidates should have experience leading people, projects, programs, or companies/organizations. The PA relies on its directors to guide it in establishing policies, implementing strategies and projects, actions and achieving goals. The fiduciary nature of a director’s oversight requires the director to be able to read, understand and offer suggestions and comments on financial issues.

As part of a diverse community, the goal of the PA is to be representative of the community it serves.

Areas of expertise

A balanced board of directors requires a collective range of experience. Typically, a not-for-profit organization such as the PA ensures that their board represents key areas of expertise which will enable them to provide proper oversight of their organization.

The PA is currently looking for expertise in one or more of the following:

  • Financial management (accounting) experience
  • Health care advocacy
  • Information management/communications/social media (including outreach and awareness) 


A key asset of a PA Board member is experience working collaboratively and productively with colleagues and associates.  Since the PA Board is composed of volunteers with diverse backgrounds, a proven record as a team player is essential and references should be provided.


PA directors must be able to commit the time necessary to fulfill their commitment to the organization. This includes reviewing board documents, attending board meetings, reviewing project documentation, and serving as required on committees to which they are assigned. The expected level of effort is between 5 to 10 hours per month plus additional time required for work on committees or special projects.

The PA Board of Directors aims to provide a friendly and pleasant environment for its members so that they can experience both satisfaction and enjoyment while contributing to the Patient Alumni.

If you are interested in exploring these opportunities further, please email