Joseph Lunn

Greetings and Salutations;

My name is Joseph Lunn but you can call me Joe. I was asked if I could, to write down something that would describe my experience here at the Heart Institute.
Well the first thing that pops into my head is, have you ever watched MASH, the show about a hospital unit in Korea? Well being here reminds me of that show. Their motto was “Best Care Anywhere” and it showed. Above everything the patients came first. Same as here. There they joked and were laid back, but when it was time to perform their duties. No hesitation and jumped in both feet running.

Here I am constantly asked how I am doing and how I am feeling. Even by nurses that may have only seen me once as a patient. It is a compassionate group you have here and you should be very proud of them.

I have spent most of 2015 here at the Heart Institute. It is my home away from home. My home is Thunder Bay Ontario, an 18 hour drive if you are curious.
The doctors here explain procedures in a straight forward understandable way. They leave no question unanswered or any fears unsoothed. The support I get from staff that goes beyond the hospital is just as amazing. Everyone works hard to ensure that I will be safe and next to no anxieties when I have to stay in Ottawa.

I have no one here, everybody is in Thunder Bay, so thank goodness for your staff to help stave off the pangs of loneliness. Plus thank the Heavens for Souad. if it wasn’t for her I would be a quivering mess with trying to figure things out. Her help in finding me a good place to stay to massage my worries and an ear to bend have been invaluable.

When I was here my bank account was in the negatives, she stepped up and worked magic for me. I will be forever grateful for the Heart Institute for saving my life and ensuring that I can move forward with grace and positive attitude.
Thank you.