New Tilt Wheelchair

A Tilt Wheelchair has recently been purchased, for inpatients with complex or multiple conditions that make using a regular wheelchair difficult and/or unsafe.


What can this special wheelchair do?


A Tilt Wheelchair can tilt back while maintaining a 90-degree angle between the backrest and seat frame. This allows an appropriate physical position for those at risk of cardiorespiratory complications, digestive complications or postural hypotension. While there are multiple situations where this wheelchair can be helpful, a few examples include:


– For patients with skin integrity issues, the tilt feature provides an opportunity to shift their weight and change their position; it also reduces the risk of pressure injury by redistributing pressure from the pelvis to the trunk.

– For patients with less trunk support/strength, this wheelchair allows them to be more independent by sitting up rather than staying in bed.





Other benefits are: improved posture as well as improved ability to breathe, eat and swallow.

The accessories that came along with the chair are equally important: it has one of the best cushions available for pressure distribution and relief; the elevating footrests can help reduce edema and improve range of motion; the headrest and calf strap provide the proper support when the wheelchair is in a tilted position.

This wheelchair was purchased by the Patient Alumni Association. From its inception, the UOHI Patient Alumni has been providing financial support to directly benefit patients of the Heart Institute, with the ultimate goal of improving their comfort and providing them with services and support. Over the years, the Alumni has approved over $ 5 million in spending on projects ranging from equipment and services to support for patients. This initiative is one example of this and it is hoped that the Tilt Wheelchair will help to make recovery smoother and more comfortable for patients in need.