Recruitment for the UOHI Heart Health Registry








Want to participate in Research at the UOHI?  Here’s an opportunity! 

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Canadian Woman’s Heart Health Centre is committed to sex- and gender-based research with a focus on novel approaches to the prevention, detection, and management of heart disease among women.  

This year we would like to engage more of our female Alumni patients in women’s heart health research.   

The Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute is building an observational heart health registry. The registry will help improve our understanding of how men and women may differ when it comes to heart and vascular diseases. 

Who can participate: 

  • Anyone who has been hospitalized or treated at the Heart Institute within the past 4 years, there are questions for both men and women. 

What is involved in participation: 

  • Participation will remain completely anonymous and will in no way affect the care you receive.  
  • To participate in this registry, you will be sent a survey via Mychart that will take you less than 30 minutes to complete. 

How to get involved or find out more information: 

We can’t do it alone. Our researchers and their teams need your support. Sex-specific cardiovascular research is essential for better prevention and management of heart disease in women as we strive to offer the best services and programs to our patients.