Sharing is Caring

As a sign of a return “back to normal”, the university of Ottawa Heart Institute hosted a public event for patients, families and caregivers called, Sharing is Caring. With a focus on rehabilitation this presentation highlighted the research work the institute has done on the benefits of Nordic walking. The study has presented data that shows that Nordic Walking is statistically and clinically superior to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and moderate-to-vigorous intensity continuous training (MICT) in increasing functional capacity in patients with coronary artery disease enrolled in cardiac rehabilitation.

If getting active is the closest thing to a magic pill for good health, then healthcare professionals may prescribe Nordic walking to people with coronary artery disease. The key point to remember is any exercise is good, and some exercise is better than none.

Sharing is caring was an event to remember and we suggest you keep an eye on to stay informed of the latest programming for the Heart Institute.