Shelley Posen

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s

Rehab today! Welcome back
To treadmill, rowing, bike, and track
Time to exercise a while—
Weigh yourself and grab your file
Check your pulse and your blood pressure
Exercises made-to-measure.

Join the circle, take a seat
Warm up to the music’s beat
Raise your hands, press up high
Roll your shoulders, grab the sky
Push a leg out to the side
Now the other, step out wide;
Standing now behind your chair
March in place, knees in the air
Step–step–kick, keep it light
Tap each knee — first left, then right.
Curl those barbells, stretch those bands
Strengthen arms and legs and hands.

Time to go out on the floor
Walk the track, increase your score
Treadmills roll and bike wheels turn
Heartbeats quicken, calories burn—
“Comfortably tired” helps your heart
Twelve on the exertion chart.

Now you’ve worked out to the max
It’s time to stretch, unwind, relax
Leave the bike, machine, and lane
Join the circle once again—
Stretch and lengthen hamstrings, thighs
Upper arms, and neck likewise;
Extend each leg, bow towards your toes
Raise your arms—The Warrior pose
Hold it—five, four, three, two, one
Feel the stretch—now you’re done.

Health advice? Time to supply it—
Exercise and healthy diet
Whole grains, fibre, low on fat
Buy and use a yoga mat;
Give up smoking, manage stress
Try to move more—and eat less;
Stay active when you graduate
Keep on walking, watch your weight
Hold the fries, avoid the pub
Join a fitness group or club.

The hour’s up—where did it go?
Our next group’s coming soon, we know—
Record your pulse, hand back your file
Put your name tag in the pile;
Take care, till you’re back again
Next day—next week—we’ll see you then.

Every time you’re here, we witness
You improve your hold on fitness
Rehab’s proud to play a part
In helping you to a healthy heart.