Coronary Artery Disease Discharge Videos

Coronary Artery Disease Discharge Videos sponsored by the Patient Alumni are now available!

The UOHI Patient Alumni is providing project guidance and financial support for the production of discharge videos for patients.  The Cardiology series is complete and available at Post-discharge care – Introduction (part 1 of 7) – YouTube.  This seven-part series includes all of the discharge education that is needed to begin to manage cardiac disease.

The videos are organized by topic to make it easier to locate the information you want or need, when you want it.    

Currently we are working with the surgical group to support the development of the surgery discharge programs.  We hope that this project will be completed by December of 2022. 

Although this project pre-dated Covid, the nurses who requested these videos, and the Patient Alumni, were clearly prescient in their desire to provide everyone with more information that could be accessed remotely, any time, anywhere – which has become very helpful during the pandemic.