Annual Activities Report 2017/2018


This annual activities report is the culmination of over 2 years of efforts from the team to refocus the Alumni. In late fall of 2015, Dr. Mesana and the Alumni agreed to a new 5-year cooperation agreement between the UOHI, the Foundation and the Alumni. The agreement allowed discharged patients to become automatic members of the Patient Alumni. To that effect, the Alumni needed to reinvent itself through a refocused strategic plan, a new communication strategy, modified/amended by-laws and renewed governance.

The new focus is on:

  • Continuing and increasing the support and activities to our members
  • Strengthening our membership
  • Increasing our activities and support to the UOHI
  • Significantly augmenting our involvement in Patient Engagement

This report demonstrates that the Alumni is heading in the right direction as it moves forward and strengthens its position as a strategic partner to the UOHI.

Strategic objectives

  • Provide strategic support to UOHI’s mandate
  • Strengthen and improve the support to the community of patients, relatives, caregivers and others
  • Continue/improve the delivery of bilingual resources & services that promote the well-being of Alumni members
  • Promote and contribute to the Institute’s patient engagement initiatives.

Strategic directions

  • Patient Engagement
  • Membership
  • Increased activities for our members
  • Patient care related projects funding
  • Increase visibility and activities as UOHI partners
  • Special activities/involvement

Patient Engagement

  • UOHI Patient Partnership Council (UPP)
  • Patient Engagement in Research Advisor Council (PERAC)
  • Steering committee on Patient Engagement
  • Assist in the creation and use of focus groups
  • Support surveys of patient engagement using Patient Alumni website at all levels at the UOHI
  • Added UOHI web pages on patient engagement in Research and Clinical Services
  • Meet with all department heads to create an inventory of all patient engagement initiatives at the UOHI (See attached for the complete package on all activities related to this initiative).








  • Membership increased by 200% following the agreement to automatically enroll all discharged patients in the UOHI Patient Alumni.
  • New Database (Customer Relationship Management software to CiviCRM open-source solution).
  • Issued over 6000 new membership cards.
  • In the process of moving our CRM to an internal server (Spring 2018)
  • Significant interest and involvement by our members o(Click open rate of 40-45%)
  • Working closely with the Foundation to increase the members’ donations such as Direct mail, 50/50 draw, etc.
  • Mailed out 6500 postcards to legacy members.






Increased activities for our members

  • Meet the Experts
    • Fall/Spring
    • Facebook Live (special events)
    • Planning 3 events
  • Cooking events- Healthy food
    • Fall, Spring, Winter
  • New/renewed communication strategy/activities
    • Monthly digest
    • Special E-blasts as required
    • Calendar of events
    • New information pamphlet
    • Facebook Live (special events)
    • Communications committee; New communications Framework, Performance indicators
  • In Patient support program (In conjunction with the CWHHC)
    • Now on floors 3/4/5
    • 8 volunteers
  • Medsbag distributed (+2500)
  • Water bottles (+25,000)
  • Vial of life (+15,000)
  • Comfort bags
  • CSICSU pamphlet
    • (UPP, Dr. MacDonald & staff)
    • Working on a second pamphlet for long term stay
  • Monthly digest to over 8000 members
  • CPR training sessions
  • Ongoing support of our members to Ottawa Heart Support Group (OHSG)
  • Planned improvements to Community website are in progress.
  • Continued participation in policy and procedure review by the UOHI Patient Partnership Council
  • Awards – 2017 Annual General Meeting (31st year)
    • Keon – Dr. Haddi Toeg (18 recipients)
    • Mary Clinkett Award ?Clinical – Tammy LafrenièreoVolunteer – Dawn Blain
    • Special friend(s) of the Alumni ?Heather Sherrard & Andrée Dumulon







Patient Care-Related Project Funding

  • CPR training
  • Additional support for Telehome monitoring
  • Social funds
  • Advocacy training kit CCWHH
  • Lucas machine
  • Rise-up
  • Educational videos for patient focus on the new tower
  • Meds bags
  • Water bottles
  • Comfort bag
  • Cough pillows
  • Vial of life





Increased Visibility and Activities as a UOHI

Strategic Partner

  • Member of the Quality of Care Committee of the UOHI Board
  • Member of the UOHI Foundation Board
    • Participation at Foundation’s events
  • Co-Chair UOHI Patient Partnership Council (Clinical)
  • Co-Chair Patient Engagement in Research Advisor Council (Research)
  • Member UOHI Steering committee – Patient Engagement
  • Member of Health Information Systems (HIS) Committee
    • Member of MyChart/Fusion committee
  • Member of the Research Conference organizing/planning committee
  • Member of the Change Management committee for the new building 
    • Select/test/approve (on behalf of the UPP) the patient’s lounge set up and furniture for the new tower.
  • Member of the yearly Alumni/Research’s evaluation team of research projects for the Research Group
  • Member of the UOHI French Language committee
  • Member of the UOHI annual President Team Spirit Award evaluation committee
  • Member of the Ethics Board
  • Significant implication in Accreditation Canada’s evaluation of UOHI on Patient Engagement.
  • Provision of Alumni’s letters of support to senior management – surveys/studies/research projects etc.
  • Input in the UOHI annual report
    • Alumni activities
    • Patient Engagement
  • Participated in the evaluation of the Cardiac Surgery Department from the Alumni, patient engagement activities and funding .
  • Participate and review the UOHI Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)
  • Patient Alumni Board Members received training on Privacy, Quality & Patient Safety, etc.

Special Activities/Involvement

  • Member of the Accreditation Canada/Health Standards Organization technical committee on Telehealth.
  • Prepared and delivered a time capsule video of the opening of the Clinical Tower (patients/staff/visitors focus).
  • Engaged in discussions and assistance on the creation of an Alumni Association with the Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) of Florida.
  • Engaged in discussions with Stanford University cardiovascular institute about our Alumni program.
  • Ongoing support and work with Ottawa Health Support Group (OHSG).
  • New Alumni Board members
  • Participate in a Community event, held at the UOHI, organized by the Trillium Gift of Life Network for transplant patients.
  • Participated in the UOHI Tri-Board retreat.
  • Participate in the submission of a paper on Leading Practice of the Alumni Association to Accreditation Canada.