Annual Report 2016-2017

Message from Our Leaders

Dear friends,

It is with great pride that we are reporting on another highly successful year for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, marked by significant milestones that will fuel the years to come as we prepare to officially take possession of our new, state-of-the-art expansion next Spring.

From the introduction of new, innovative technologies, such as the launch and success of myOttawaHeart, our new online patient portal, to the establishment of pioneering programs, such as the “prehab” program to get patients healthier before they undergo cardiac surgery, and the ongoing recruitment of truly talented health professionals and researchers providing outstanding patient care and inventive research, the last year has undoubtedly contributed to our growth both locally, and internationally.

This last year also marked the Institute’s 40th anniversary. Our team has built a unique and ingenious model that exists nowhere else. Our success story does not only lie in the integrated model of governance we have put in place, but also in the fully integrated relationship connecting care, research, and education. The cost-effectiveness and lean structure of our organization, the blend in new models of care such as our heart teams, the large number of patients interested in contributing to our accomplished research enterprise, and our capacity to cultivate philanthropy are hallmarks of our model. It is also motivated by the remarkable legacy we have built over time.

We hope that our 2016-17 annual report will make you proud to be part of the Heart Institute’s family, and that it will instigate in you the thirst to support us in our future endeavours. Together, we will achieve new heights and build a next generation Heart Institute.

Thank you,

Signature of Thierry Mesana, MD, PhD, FRCS(C) President and CEO
Thierry Mesana, MD, PhD, FRCS(C)
President and CEO
Signature of Thierry Mesana, MD, PhD, FRCS(C) President and CEO
Lawrence Soloway
Chair, Board of Directors


Patient Alumni Association

While the Patient Alumni moves forward with its new direction, where all patients are now automatic members of the Association, it continues to fund many projects aimed at improving patient comfort and support. As part of the new Alumni model, a comprehensive five-year agreement has been signed with UOHI and the Foundation, forming a strategic partnership to support a world-class patient-centred heart institute in Canada. As part of this process, the Alumni has developed and aligned its strategic plan to that of UOHI.

In its efforts to provide improved support to patients, family members, relatives, friends and caregivers, the Alumni has invested significant efforts and resources to further develop its communications tools. It has revamped and significantly improved its corporate website. In addition, it has developed an online patient engagement forum “community website” where patients and families can connect with each other to seek support and share stories. This new forum is an effective tool to connect patients with other patients and offer informal peer counseling recognized by Health Quality Ontario.

The Alumni has, and continues to be, heavily involved in the Heart Institute’s patient engagement initiatives. Its involvement is well described in the Growing Our Institute Model section.

In 2016, the Alumni celebrated its 30th anniversary as a legal entity, even though Dr. Keon conceptualized it almost 40 years ago. This celebration recognized Dr. Keon’s significant contribution and that of many others who have been involved in its continued efforts to support and comfort patients. The Alumni also noted its contributions to projects and services to UOHI in excess of $5 million.