Creating a truly healthy food environment, which provides plenty of healthy options while simultaneously decreasing the less healthful ones, is not easy. It takes a great deal of planning, menu and nutritional analysis, sourcing and taste testing of new products, and incorporating customer feedback to get it just right.

Our hospital food service leads, staff and volunteers have been working continuously to make these changes a reality! Here are a few recent highlights:

• 90% of cafeterias post calorie and sodium information for entrees and soups

• Furthermore, 25% of cafeterias are now posting nutrition information for snacks and desserts, and for items in salad and sandwich bars • 80% of sites do not offer energy drinks in their cafeterias or vending machines

• 25% of sites have removed high-calorie beverages such as pop, iced tea, and lemonade from their vending machines, focusing instead on water, milk, 100% fruit juice and no-calorie or low-calorie options

• Over half of the gift shops have significantly reduced their offering of chocolate bars, chips, and candy

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