Steve Sharp’s Halloween

I have a love for Halloween, a 40 year passion that has taken me into a quasi Thespian state of mind each year.  To have a neighbourhood Halloween home is a joy.  To have kids return excitedly year after year, sometimes being driven by their parents after they have moved away, does my heart wonders.

Each year the house, and the actors change.

The Gate Keeper (before you’ll get any candy from me, first you must answer my questions three…Avant que tu recu des bon-bons de moi, il faut que tu repondiez mes questions trois), enables me to engage the trick or treaters and show me what they can do
or the Bell Ringer “bring our yer dead”, having the kids laugh and run away as I attempt to gather my dead
or the surgeon offering a BBQ of body parts.  Perhaps some finger food?  A foot long? It is the responses I receive from the kids and their parents that keep me doing this year after year. 
Well, this year we changed the format.

Sept 28 I had my second open chest aortic surgery (my first was 9 years ago).  Not being ready for a presentation on Oct 31, I needed to give back to the amazing Institute that has given me so much. 

I carved my pumpkins for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and decided to donate on a per-child basis.  While we had about 75 kids this year, we donated $200 on behalf of the kids.

I look forward to next year’s Halloween, but this year was special and allowed me to discuss the UOHI with a lot of folks!

We will be back at it next year!